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The system is so broken it is hard to know where to start. I started by building a new concept of education in master's degree programs at Carnegie Mellon's West Coast Campus, as well as developing an international MBA program for La Salle Univeristy.

Now I am trying to build a new kind of High School Curriculum, using the same methods that worked at CMU. The key issue is changing the subject matter. What is worth learning? Not the subjects mandated by the President of Harvard in 1892! Even he wouldn’t agree with the current curriculum. But there are too many with vested interests trying to keep the same old one in place. I am trying to bypass the existing high school system since I can’t kill it.

Classroom lecture
Classrooms are really just a terrible idea

Lectures are an ancient artifact of a time when there were not enough books, but still they persist.

Read my blog, Education Outrage

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Education must remain a process where an individual learns to discover oneself and, in doing so, endeavour to improve the human condition. For our future, it is important that we teach our children that reading and learning can be enjoyable and intrinsically rewarding. Quotation mark

--Roger Schank, Taken from the Singapore Democratic Party’s Education Manifesto

Rethinking Education
Socratic Arts

Socratic Arts is devoted to helping people learn, think, and create better.
We deliver learning solutions to Fortune 500 companies and the government, as well as post-secondary schools. Our unique approach has assisted our clients in addressing complicated training and educational needs, while accelerating the development of critical skills for the workplace.

Visit the website to find out more about our Story Centered Curriculum approach.

Engines for Education is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to radically change our notions of school.
John Adams said that education should teach people how to live or how to make a living. Our schools do neither. They teach how to pass tests about meaningless knowledge that never comes up in real life. The goal of Engines for Education is to provide an alternative.

Our first full-year curriculum in Health Sciences is now available.
Or check out the curriculum for our Software Development program.

Engines for Education

Welcome to the Virtual International Science and Technology Academy!
The world’s first alternative online, learn by doing, high school. This is a four-year high school where only one curriculum is followed each year. Students take on the roles of professionals working in the fields of health sciences, computer science, business, and communications, . They solve the kinds of problems these professionals typically solve in their day-to-day work.

Students will be admitted into this curriculum in September, 2010. They will matriculate at schools that have agreed to offer this curriculum.


Visit VISTA’s website to take a look at our curriculum.

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