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OEB 2016, Germany

OEB 2016 - The Opening Plenary: Owning Learning (video)

EL PAÍS, Spain

Roger Schank: “Las mates no sirven para nada”

Cinco Días, Spain

“Lo que nos enseñan en la escuela no nos sirve en la vida real”

NY Times

Over the Side With Old Scientific Tenets


Roger Schank: Warum jetzt jeder ein Experte ist


The Entrepreneurial Skillset Of Storytelling

Exame, Spain

Conheça Roger Schank, o inimigo das aulas chatas


How Can Mainstream Education Meet The Needs of Post-Modern Society?

Huffington Post

Best Education Books of 2011

Financial Times

A failure to control the animal spirits

IGN, Portugal


Universia, Spain

Cursos de formación para licenciados desempleados


Lyrisme et narratologie


The Schank Tank


Roger Schank Wants Your Child's Mind

Business Week

Rx For Entrepreneurship Education


Personal Computers Have Arrived, but Compared to What's Coming, Says An Expert, They're Still Tortoises

NY Times

No Lectures or Teachers, Just Software


Roger Schank: Revolutionist. What is The Ideal Learning

Chicago Reader

Northwestern's New A.I. Hotshot

Design Share

The Death of the Classroom Learning Cycles and Roger Schank

Chicago Tribune

Schank`s Primer On Education

Chicago Tribune

Thinking About Learning A Northwestern University Researcher Says Our Educational System Has Been Unsuccessful Because It Doesn't Allow Students To Fail

Chicago Tribune

Putting Educational Software To Work Institute Hopes To Help Firms With Training

Chicago Tribune

Thinking Ahead To Fix Education, An Educator Suggests Letting The Software Teach The Hard Lessons

Chicago Tribune

Making Computers Talk Like Humans

Tech Emergence

The Kind of Artificial Intelligence That Google Doesn't Care to Build – with Dr. Roger Schank

IEET - Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies

Why Tech Giants Are Not Pursuing "Intelligent” AI

Singularity Weblog

The Call for a Storytelling Computer


EduRadicals: The Cognitive Process that Underlies Learning

New Learning Times

Roger Schank

Sponge Parrot

8 reflections on learning after meeting an “artificial intelligence theorist, cognitive psychologist, learning scientist, educational reformer, and entrepreneur”.

EL PAÍS, Spain

Schank: "El 'e-learning' actual es la misma basura, pero en diferente sitio"

La Vanguardia, Spain

"Se aprende haciendo"

eLearn Magazine

Reminding and e-Learning

Kurzweil: Accelerating Intelligence

What does it mean to have an educated mind in the 21st century?


Playing by the rules

Moline Consulting

Information is surprises

Educom Review

End run to the goal line

THE Journal (Technological Horizons in Education)

A vision of education for the 21st century

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